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Music Production

The art of making a great song lies with the ingenuity and know-how of a producer or a beat maker. The requirement of the current music business lies on the dynamics of understanding trends and combining it with creativity. This is what we always work towards at Kobatunm Music studio. It is our duty that the vision of the project from the start is carved to meet the purpose of making it big in the market place .

Mixing & Mastering

No production is ever a finished product without a great finishing touch. Our mixing and mastering service helps make the piece of art at the production stage shine and polished. We know there are many genre of music in the world now and it is our job to ensure the project of our clients beat them in quality and creativity.

Music Marketing and sales

Besides a well made song, marketing and sales is one of the most important part of it. Ask me, what is the purpose of production if not sales? We have lines of suggestions and means to help our clients promote and sell their jobs through our personal blogs and contact. We also have partners that help us attain this feat.

Record Label

Helping an artist build his career from where he is to where he want to be is in our vision. We use our connections to help build saleable contents, promote and help distribute.  Our ambition is to help produce world stars that will turn be a big brand in Africa and beyond.


Kobatunm clothing line specializes in African bespoke with great designs. Our clothes comes with top fabrics sown for your exotic taste. Our plight is to make our clients stand out in every event because appearance is class. Also, to ensure that our styles and uniqueness match our clients’ taste and personality .

What our clients say

“I attended Kobatunm Sound Engineering School in 2015 and it was such a wonderful experience. I learnt Music production, Audio recording, mixing and mastering use two major DAWs: ProTools and Logic. I was also taught Songwriting and Composition. The teacher-student relationship was excellent, as in that of a mentor – mentee. One thing that my tutor (Great Marx) said to us that I have not forgotten is to not be a DAW/knowledge/equipment junkie. ‘Whichever you have, use and master it’. I took that and ran with it, amidst numerous pressures. In six months after graduating from Kobatunm, I already produced, recorded and mixed a Mixtape. Now, 2years later, I run a fully equipped and functional studio. Kobatunm was truly a blessing”



Faith Uchedu (Dopree) Ex Student /CEO, Dopree Music Company

I enrolled for a guitar lesson at Kobatunm for the period of 3 months. It was fun and awesome . The production service they offer is top notch. I was able to achieve my aim, combining the trainings with my work. It was fun and very educative.

Nse Jackson Ex Student & Singer

I am Oluwasanmi formerly called “Simply Simple”. A veteran jazz artiste in Nigeria; crooner of “Omode” and “Oh mama”. I Used Kobatunm  mastering service for a job I lost hope on; and beyond reasonable doubt, I was blown off when I saw the outcome.   If you want the best of mixing and mastering, I recommend Kobatunm music; you will never regret working with them. They are affordable and also work to time; not to mention their highly detailed level of professionalism at all time. An experience with them will make you look no further. Stop reading, call them already.

Ola Oluwasanmi Veteran Jazz Artist


About us

Kobatunm Company was founded in 2013 .We aim to be one of the world top provider of Entertainment services and contents in Africa and the world. Excellence being our watchword, we handle every project as such.  We are located at 3, Brown Street, Off Jonathan Coker Road, Fagba, Iju , Lagos State.

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We have a joy of sharing some of our works. KobasAund is a joy to listen to due to the diligence we put into our work in helping our artist translate their ideas into refined gold. It is our pleasure always and we are looking forward to work with you if you have ideas to […]

Motewogbare – O’Seunfunmi

Motewogbare is a great Song by O’Seunfunmi. In prayers, He was praying to God about what he wanted. We all need prayers to forge ahead in life. We also need an answer to our prayers. Even though O’Seunfunmi is no longer with us. His legacy lives on. We recorded the song in an almost empty […]

Grateful – BBSings

A gospel music to lift up your soul. Produced, mixed and mastered at Kobatunm Music Studio. Song originally sang by Sinach, we created our unique version in the continuous mood of praising God. Halleluia. Ladies n gentlemen, Grateful by BBsings

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