Fabulous KobasAunds .

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We have a joy of sharing some of our works. KobasAund is a joy to listen to due to the diligence we put into our work in helping our artist translate their ideas into refined gold. It is our pleasure always and we are looking forward to work with you if you have ideas to turn into songs or your commercials. Thank you. 


Mikel – Blessing

T pounds – Jotomi

T Pound – Won ti dagbororu

Gentle Omo – Gentle

Great Marx – Omo Olojo Ibi


O’Seunfunmi – Motewogbare

Oriola – Iyanu

BBSings – Grateful

Sandii Agadz – you deserve it.

Oriola – Eledumare

Motewogbare – O’Seunfunmi

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Motewogbare is a great Song by O’Seunfunmi. In prayers, He was praying to God about what he wanted. We all need prayers to forge ahead in life. We also need an answer to our prayers. Even though O’Seunfunmi is no longer with us. His legacy lives on. We recorded the song in an almost empty room. I remember working with him together with the other guy, Gideon, putting the ceative ideas together. Song produced, mixed and mastered at Kobatunm studio.



T Pounds – Jotomi

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T pounds, a very versatile artist comes with his debut single titled Jotomi. Jotomi is a song that challenges you to believe you the best of the best. Jotomi reflects the street where he came from and also the boldness to compete with the very best. Nice tune produced , mixed and mastered in Kobatunm Music Studio with the well sought after KobasAund signature. Enjoy and listen and drop your comment below .




Peter Had Faith.

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Ayobami Komolafe

(Matthew 14:28-33)

On the sea was a storm. Jesus disciples were in a boat in the middle. Jesus showed up walking unto them. This man again? Walking on the sea? His disciples exclaimed! Peter called him, Rabbi, can I join your faith cruise? Jesus invited him over. Come on Peter! Peter jumped from the boat. It was not a bad adventure he thought? he ran and jumped on the sea towards Jesus. Suddenly a strong wind blew reminding him of his realities. His faith shook. He allowed doubt. He was sinking! About to drown into the deep,Jesus moved close, held him by the hand and pulled him out.

Doubt and faith are two forces but opposite. Doubt and fear are jolly brothers. They work together against our faith. Our faith fail most times because we don’t even understand how faith works. Many feel because they had faith yesterday or a second ago, it should still apply. What they fail to understand is that faith should be seen as a continuous process that should never break in transmission such as we can never stop breathing. The moment Peter started to doubt, the Bible says he started to drown immediately. The moment you break the flow of faith and allow doubt to pull you, you begin to sink downward.

Devil is a tricky creature. Such cunning! He understands the human psyche. He has mastered that. He threatens us with a suddden bang to induce fear in us. This bang could be subtle or very big like a loss of a loved one, job, contract, home etc. At this time we open up our heart to process why the bang happened. Devil uses this medium to inject doubt. We start to drown and our confidence goes down within our thought. At this point, if we are not self sufficient in handling this bang with self motivation and the word of God, we sink. Hereby why we need good friends and family for time like this to minister and strengthen our faith.

If you have heard the word helping his/her faith. That is what it means. Faith is the only thing meant for victory. Fear and doubt are the tools of the enemy against our faith. So many situations are thrown at you to test your faith. Don’t quiver. Stand up to it. Some people, their faith were threatened by death threats. Don’t ever give up your faith. That’s the authority you have to always win and move ahead. Fear and doubt have no good to offer than to keep you under~motivated, unhappy, threatened, sick, low in confidence and retrogressive. Faith lights you up in a spark and everything makes sense. It gives you energy, hope, joy, optimism, happiness and prosperity. Faith has an unseen energy beyond limits. People of faith move mountains because they always move with the energy of believe. Energy of believe is such an energy that birth possibilities. If you believe you can, then you shall. Give your life completely to faith, live a life of faith, don’t even bargain your faith no matter what happens. Make faith your life and live it completely then watch how your life transforms.

Finally brethren, faith is continuous. The faith of a second ago won’t save you if you allowed fear and doubt the next second. Uninterrupted faith is the only way to win. Never break thetransmission of faith. Never believe you can’t. Never believe it is not possible. Never believe your situation can’t change. Never believe you won’t live long. Never accept no for an answer. Light up your faith and let the world see. Never let it go off and defend if it with all you’ve got.

Ori – Fayrouz Ft White Gold

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Ori is an afro pop song that inspire you to wish for more greatness. Nicely delivered by the singer Fayrouz featuring another artist White Gold. The both did great justice to the song to inspire and bless the street they came from . Another great song is born ?😉 . Recorded, mixed and mastered at Kobatunm Music studio With the KobasAund unique signature. Please listen and enjoy.


Kobatunm Winners got their rewards: #rapbattle1.0

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B-trax and Great Marx in action.

From the very year Kobatunm started its operation, we have incorporated into our system the art of creating avenue to help artist with the creation of their art. We create discounted packages , free mix and mastering window period and other supports to help artist achieve their ambition. We are happy to say more than 30 artist have benefited in our initiatives to give back to the society we evolved from.

The Winners collecting the free production cards the won.

Our recent initiative is partnering with event centers and hotels to help artists showcase their skills and talents. We partnered with Soulmate Hotel and Suites 2nd March last month in an event we tagged ‘The Rap Battle’ . 10 artistes Competed, Two winner evolved. Their winning package includes a free full music production with our company. Mikel(The winner) and Ladeskid( the runner up) Project have been successfully completed and we are more than happy to showcase them to you as they did incredibly well. The only surprise was that the Both chose to sing instead of doing a rap project. They are both versatile and we had to agree with their choice of project.  Special thanks to Soulmate Hotels and Suites for making the event a success through their faithful partnership and also our production team in Kobatunm Entertainment( Great Marx & B-trax).

Left: Soulmate Hotels Manager & Right: The CEO in attendance.

This is an amazing project to give back to the society. We want to keep it going constantly in every form. We shall welcome you participation in our subsequent events through your donations, connections and Partnership.

Please Download the two songs  Below:

Mikel – Blessing  ( 1st Position Slot )


Mikel at Rapbattle 1.0

Ladeskid – Hustler Ambition (2nd Position Slot)

Ladeskid @ Rapbattle 1.0

Great Marx is out with a new single

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God’s grace for the year has been enormous. That is why Great Marx is coming out with a single to help his teaming fan appreciate God’s mercy with him. The song reflects the depth of God’s favor and love towards mankind. The song is produced, mixed and mastered at Kobatunm Music studio. Jlight is one of Kobatunm in house producers and he did great Justice to the track creating several exciting moments to make the song  so beautiful. The song is mixed and mastered by Great Marx himself. Ladies and Gentlemen, Enjoy the season and let us together move into the new year together with exceeding joy. Cheers!

Download Here

Beauty on a card

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Ayobami Komolafe 

The best feeling when you start a business is when you put the title CEO or MD on your card. You match along as everyone hails; the CEO (drum rolls)😊. Your head swells to the high heavens knowing you have a business name, a business card and maybe you are lucky to have an office to your dynasty. You change your Facebook status, create a company pages and do same across all social media platform known to any human on earth. Bam! The birth of a new CEO with very promising and exciting dreams like we have never seen before. Everyone bows in admiration of the New born CEO. All hail the CEO; her royal Highness .😊

Nigeria is blessed with a lot of CEOs. If you so desire to be one, I can tell you how within minutes due to my magnanimity but, in all honesty, tasks ahead are beyond the name and splendor. With my experience from my startup days, I can tell a lot of my pitfalls and successes. A startup experience is a bitter/sweet one but a route you must explore to understand the business world and its dynamics .

To allay any fear, the world constantly need entrepreneurs. The world yearn for innovations. The world needs frontrunners to carry the burden. People have money they want to spend to buy what interest them. I also want you to be an entrepreneur. But in my own case, I want you to be a successful one.

When I was fixing prices for my services years back, after I started my company Kobatunm Entertainment , I moved from studio to studio to determine how price worked around here. I met a guy who also had come back from the UK, he had such a dream to dominate the entire media from audio to video, photography, Video production, advert, training and post production name it!. He took action . He had money. He invested , rented a big four bedroom flat , bought computers , bought audio equipments , cameras , employ personnel. After two year he became bankrupt and was in debt. According to him , he was owing a year rent now and it has gone bad between him and his landlords at his residence and office. He open up to me because he thought we could partner or I could buy the business. I remembered while I hosted him in my office later on, I called him by the name the CEO. He rightly declined the title because now all his confidence had crashed and vanished. He said I should not call him by that again because he did not think he was one. He was looking for a way to sell out and offset debts. The down side was that when people knew he was desperate and panicky, they were offering him ridiculous prices that would not even get him out of the precarious situation he found himself. He renounced his membership as one of us ‘CEO’ in my presence. I had pity but there was nothing I could do to help. I only knew I had to work hard before I too would have to renounce my membership in the league of CEO confederation because I myself had my fierce battles ahead…hmm..🙂

Business gets its name from ‘busyness’ and it is no child play. You have to understand the dynamics before venturing into one. It is easy to put money into business but it is hard to take your money back from it once its in it. The guy I told his story above got it wrong because he had little knowledge on media and the media business. He failed to put other modalities in place that his business required.

Before you quit your job, put a good plan in place. If you are not hardy like a Carmel in sahara desert, don’t quit your job yet friend. You have to save or procure what can help you live until the period you think your business will become viable or keep your job, work part-time so you current job can be a shock absorber till you leave infantry stage in your business. Make sure you calculate every cost and be sincere with your expected revenue. Get a mentor if you can to provide you information at each stages. Make sure you perfect your business models and its execution. Know your risk and how you intend to mitigate. Don’t boycott processes. They may come back to ruin everything. Follow your plans through and also effect changes along as you go.

Business is a beautiful world that juice out what you don’t think you have. Be prepared to deal with it. Don’t undervalue knowledge and knowhow . Money is only part of what you need. I can not cover all you need to be a business person with this writeup but I encourage you to learn more on your own. The world needs business people and I want you to be a successful one. Do have a great adventure with your businesses and I wish you a fulfilled life.

Grateful(Cover) – BBsings

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BBsings is a Nigeria gospel artist . She comes out with a song cover of Sinach song title ‘Grateful‘. BBsings is a pharmacist by profession. Singing is the other side of her that she wishes to show to the entire world. Vastly talented , she is also a songwriter .She will be coming forth with series of her music projects soon. Please watch out and stayed tuned. Song produced , mixed and mastered at Kobatunm Music studio .


Download Audio


Great Marx

Beginning of the year Training !!!

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Masterclass to take you pro in Mixing.

          -Executive Mixing Master class with Great Marx

About your Host:

 Komolafe Ayobami Popularly known as Great Marx is the      founder /President Kobatunm Entertainment. He has trained so  many people in the art of Music Production, mixing and mastering most of who are doing great for themselves in the music industry. He is a graduate of Alchemea College of audio Engineering, London. His Experience, to have worked under world-class Engineers who have worked with top celebrities around the world helped him understood the classroom spiced with mentor-ship style of teaching sound engineering, hence a better know-how on how to pass the knowledge along . This gave him a edge to teach the subject with top proficiency , combining theoretical knowledge with the practical combinations. He has worked with Top A- list Artist in different studios in London and Nigeria.

Who is the training for?

1. This training is for people who already own production skills and have an idea about mixing but want to take it further.