Masterclass to take you pro in Mixing.

          -Executive Mixing Master class with Great Marx

About your Host:

 Komolafe Ayobami Popularly known as Great Marx is the      founder /President Kobatunm Entertainment. He has trained so  many people in the art of Music Production, mixing and mastering most of who are doing great for themselves in the music industry. He is a graduate of Alchemea College of audio Engineering, London. His Experience, to have worked under world-class Engineers who have worked with top celebrities around the world helped him understood the classroom spiced with mentor-ship style of teaching sound engineering, hence a better know-how on how to pass the knowledge along . This gave him a edge to teach the subject with top proficiency , combining theoretical knowledge with the practical combinations. He has worked with Top A- list Artist in different studios in London and Nigeria.

Who is the training for?

1. This training is for people who already own production skills and have an idea about mixing but want to take it further.

2. Sound Engineers who have challenges with their mixes and hope to take it to the next level.

3. Individual that has tried several DIY approaches but yearns to get the desired result of making his mixes sound top notch and world class.

4.  Musicians who have basic knowledge of mixing board but want to know the in-depth of mixing and what all the faders do.

Date: 22th – 27th Jan 2018

Day 1: Dynamic Processing & Gain Structure

Day 2: Filters & Equalization

Day 3: Time based Effects

Day 4: Putting all together 1 (Live mixing Demonstration)

Day 5: putting all together 2 (Students project)

Day 6: Closing and presentation of certificates


1.     A band or artist can handle the mixing of their project themselves and achieve top quality results.

2.      Artist can cut cost of production by doing it professionally themselves.

3.     Participants have enough know-how to supervise their music project.

4.     Participants can setup their mixing company to earn money


I attended Kobatunm Sound Engineering School in 2015 and it was such a wonderful experience. I learned Music production, Audio recording, mixing and mastering use two major DAWs: ProTools and Logic. I was also taught Songwriting and Composition. The teacher-student relationship was excellent, as in that of a mentor – mentee. One thing that my tutor (Great Marx) said to us that I have not forgotten is to not be a DAW/knowledge/equipment junkie. ‘Whichever you have, use and master it’. I took that and ran with it, amidst numerous pressures. In six months after graduating from Kobatunm, I already produced, recorded and mixed a Mixtape. Now, 2years later, I run a fully equipped and functional studio. Kobatunm was truly a blessing

Faith Uchedu (Dopree)

 CEO, Dopree Music Company.