Peter Had Faith.

Ayobami Komolafe

(Matthew 14:28-33)

On the sea was a storm. Jesus disciples were in a boat in the middle. Jesus showed up walking unto them. This man again? Walking on the sea? His disciples exclaimed! Peter called him, Rabbi, can I join your faith cruise? Jesus invited him over. Come on Peter! Peter jumped from the boat. It was not a bad adventure he thought? he ran and jumped on the sea towards Jesus. Suddenly a strong wind blew reminding him of his realities. His faith shook. He allowed doubt. He was sinking! About to drown into the deep,Jesus moved close, held him by the hand and pulled him out.

Doubt and faith are two forces but opposite. Doubt and fear are jolly brothers. They work together against our faith. Our faith fail most times because we don’t even understand how faith works. Many feel because they had faith yesterday or a second ago, it should still apply. What they fail to understand is that faith should be seen as a continuous process that should never break in transmission such as we can never stop breathing. The moment Peter started to doubt, the Bible says he started to drown immediately. The moment you break the flow of faith and allow doubt to pull you, you begin to sink downward.

Devil is a tricky creature. Such cunning! He understands the human psyche. He has mastered that. He threatens us with a suddden bang to induce fear in us. This bang could be subtle or very big like a loss of a loved one, job, contract, home etc. At this time we open up our heart to process why the bang happened. Devil uses this medium to inject doubt. We start to drown and our confidence goes down within our thought. At this point, if we are not self sufficient in handling this bang with self motivation and the word of God, we sink. Hereby why we need good friends and family for time like this to minister and strengthen our faith.

If you have heard the word helping his/her faith. That is what it means. Faith is the only thing meant for victory. Fear and doubt are the tools of the enemy against our faith. So many situations are thrown at you to test your faith. Don’t quiver. Stand up to it. Some people, their faith were threatened by death threats. Don’t ever give up your faith. That’s the authority you have to always win and move ahead. Fear and doubt have no good to offer than to keep you under~motivated, unhappy, threatened, sick, low in confidence and retrogressive. Faith lights you up in a spark and everything makes sense. It gives you energy, hope, joy, optimism, happiness and prosperity. Faith has an unseen energy beyond limits. People of faith move mountains because they always move with the energy of believe. Energy of believe is such an energy that birth possibilities. If you believe you can, then you shall. Give your life completely to faith, live a life of faith, don’t even bargain your faith no matter what happens. Make faith your life and live it completely then watch how your life transforms.

Finally brethren, faith is continuous. The faith of a second ago won’t save you if you allowed fear and doubt the next second. Uninterrupted faith is the only way to win. Never break thetransmission of faith. Never believe you can’t. Never believe it is not possible. Never believe your situation can’t change. Never believe you won’t live long. Never accept no for an answer. Light up your faith and let the world see. Never let it go off and defend if it with all you’ve got.

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