Kobatunm Winners got their rewards: #rapbattle1.0

B-trax and Great Marx in action.

From the very year Kobatunm started its operation, we have incorporated into our system the art of creating avenue to help artist with the creation of their art. We create discounted packages , free mix and mastering window period and other supports to help artist achieve their ambition. We are happy to say more than 30 artist have benefited in our initiatives to give back to the society we evolved from.

The Winners collecting the free production cards the won.

Our recent initiative is partnering with event centers and hotels to help artists showcase their skills and talents. We partnered with Soulmate Hotel and Suites 2nd March last month in an event we tagged ‘The Rap Battle’ . 10 artistes Competed, Two winner evolved. Their winning package includes a free full music production with our company. Mikel(The winner) and Ladeskid( the runner up) Project have been successfully completed and we are more than happy to showcase them to you as they did incredibly well. The only surprise was that the Both chose to sing instead of doing a rap project. They are both versatile and we had to agree with their choice of project.  Special thanks to Soulmate Hotels and Suites for making the event a success through their faithful partnership and also our production team in Kobatunm Entertainment( Great Marx & B-trax).

Left: Soulmate Hotels Manager & Right: The CEO in attendance.

This is an amazing project to give back to the society. We want to keep it going constantly in every form. We shall welcome you participation in our subsequent events through your donations, connections and Partnership.

Please Download the two songs  Below:

Mikel – Blessing  ( 1st Position Slot )


Mikel at Rapbattle 1.0

Ladeskid – Hustler Ambition (2nd Position Slot)

Ladeskid @ Rapbattle 1.0

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